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Thank you everyone, each and every fashionista all over the world for your warm support, we appreciate it very much.

Also a big thank you to the online blogs and magazines that featured us:
Brazil’s Glamurama
Japan’s Monogocoro
Greece’s Ermoumag

Thank you for all the questions everyone has mailed us. We will be doing a FAQ page- no worries, we will let you know of every detail when we iron them out.

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Hello World

We are figuring Worldwide Rates for the services. Follow us on twitter or join our mailing list for updates! We will let you know when International services are available.

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Free clothes rental for everyone!

Free clothes rental for everyone!

Closet Infinite is a social revolution altering your purchasing habits.

Save tons of money, curb spending on clothes while maintaining a glamourous lifestyle with an infinite amount of clothes to wear. Avoid consumerism and the millions of excess clothes dumped in landfills. Join Closet Infinite in contributing a better world where everyone shares the joy of free clothes rental.

Clothes are contributed by every joining member of Closet Infinite. You get to rent these clothes for free! Everyone including you can be a member, click here to find out how.

Closet Infinite services will start as soon as we have collected sufficient clothes. Do not worry girls, your 6month memberships will only start when services commence.

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Closet Infinite