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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
1. Do not donate ugly clothes or clothes in poor condition.
Clothes should be in near-perfect condition. It will be unfair for other girls to contribute pretty dresses while you bring your grandpa’s old golf pants here.  Be considerate, it is important that you ask yourself “would someone be interested to rent this particular piece of clothing?”.

2. Donated clothes cannot be returned
Think very, very carefully before you send a piece of clothing out to us. We do not do returns even if you are brawling your eyes out because you carelessly donated your special prom dress.

3. Five days is the maximum no. of days you can hold on to the clothing
It will be best if every girl have the chance to wear that special item. All we ask from you is to be nice and return the rented items after the 5th day.  As with libraries and video rental stores, late charges will apply at SGD5 for each overdue day (deducted from deposit).

4. Treat the clothes with tender loving care
Handle them as you would do with your own. Also, do not try to steal the clothes, they are not yours! Lost, damaged or stolen items will be charged at SGD30 each (deducted from deposit).

5. Be understanding when you don’t get the clothes you want
There are a limited amount of clothes to go around. Some items are more popular than others and may not be available for rental. This is something that we cannot do anything about, so please, no fights over the items. We will put you on a waiting list and inform you when the item is available.

6. Lost mail (both outgoing & incoming) are NOT our responsibility
It is not compulsory to opt for registered mail as we understand that it can be expensive and chances of lost mail are relatively low. You decide for yourself the risks. We provide only standard mail within the handling costs. You can chose to pay an additional SGD2.50 for registered mail. This is 1-way, we will send the package to you as registered mail. As for the return trip, you will have to go to the post office, pay & get registered mail back to us (another SGD2.50). Clothes lost in mail are, simply, lost clothes. A SGD30 fee will be charged for lost items (deducted from deposist).

7. By joining us as a member of Closet Infinite and by renting clothes from Closet Infinite, you agree to all the terms & conditions stated.

8. Closet Infinite has the rights to deny or remove memberships.

9. Closet Infinite has the right to change the terms & conditions anytime.


2 Responses to "Terms & Conditions"

How does Closit Infinite make money as enerything is free.

Well, they earn from the shipping cost… since it cost 6.50 to “rent” the clothes and $30 dollars if “lost”.. and best of all, their clothes are all FREE… so how do they lost any money in the first place, blog is free, clothes are free, what cost money?


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