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To be a member of Closet Infinite, all you have to do is to send some pictures of the fashion item you wish to donate completed with form below to

I.C. no.:
Handphone no.:

What is the item?: Dress / Top / Shorts / Pants / Skirt / Bag / Shoes
Where did you buy it from?: Brand name / Shop name
How much did you purchase it for?: $
What is the condition like?: be honest here..

We will screen the item, please be reminded that we DO NOT accept clothes in poor conditions (strains, holes, loose threading etc), this is to ensure quality for everyone. Also, clothes donated are NOT returnable.

As soon as we approve it, send it over to us and we will process your membership when recieved. Then you’re on your way to renting free clothes! Each item of clothing donated entitles you to 6months of membership. This is to ensure a constant flow of clothes when the older ones depreciate.


6 Responses to "Join now"

If you have more than one item to donate, do you receive more than one 6-month membership? How often can you donate? Are you also accepting jewelry–high quality costume jewelry that looks well with the item? I am thinking on the order of Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, art pieces from high-line stores, etc. Are you also accepting high line jeans?

Sounds like a good idea! I look forward to membership!


I live in England so is it still possible for me to join?
I’d love to but I don’t think we get I.C. numbers…
Please let me know!

I live in Los Angeles and I was wondering if this service extends to my area.

do i have to give my ic ? pls reply asap


I just wanted to know what size would the clothing go up to and what amount of time would the person be able to keep the clothing? Also the frequency of being able to get new items while exchanging ones they have already worn?

I’m very interested to come on board.Can I know when will items bbe available for browsing

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