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54 Responses to "Mailing List"

what if I fell in love with the item & I want to buy it?

what if I fell in love with the item & I want to buy it?

sign me up

This is a great idea. Can’t wait until it’s available in the U.S.! By the way, the link to your “mailing list” form on the International Services page is formatted incorrectly and doesn’t work. I figured out how to get here on my own. Might want to fix that.

Joining the mailing list!

Please put me in your mailing list

let me know when your services start!

[…] εάν ενδιαφέρεστε για updates, μπορείτε να γραφτείτε στο mailing list ή να το κάνετε follow στο […]

Can’t wait to get started.

I would be very interested both from a personal as well as the business side of this very interesting concept.

Please keep me up to date.

I live and work in Barcelona, Spain and have contacts in most major capitals in the country.

Thank you


Please, let me know when the service is ready for international!!!

So very exited about this – Love from Bristol, UK

Good idea. In case you are coming to Greece let me know

neat concept.

Love the concept and looking forward to seeing it all in action! Please add me to the mailing list

i want to be in the mail lissssttttt

thank you!

count me in

inlclude me in your mailing list!

Great idea! Please add me to your mailing list.

Very excited about the idea,please sign me up.

Fab idea… cant wait for it to get started!

joining mailing list.
keep me posted on updates!

Am in

How can I join your mailing list????

Very nice. Include me in your mailing list.

I love this idea.

Fantastic idea!

My dreams will come true!!!

Are you planning to open in Spain… Include me in your mailing list! Tx!

wow. i wanna join. (:

sign me up

Count me in! Can’t wait for ur Int’l Services!


I’m dying to know when the service will become international!!!

This is the best idea I’ve ever heard, PLEASE come to the US!

add me too, I’m a ‘green’person who likes to share

Great concept! Add me to the mailing list! 🙂


sign me up pls!

add me in your mailing list

pls add me!

sign me up thanks! 🙂

Add me in please

sign me up the mailing list plse.

I want to be on the mailing list!

mailing list

mailing list:)

I would like to join your mailing list 🙂

Can’t wait for all this to start!!

would like to be on your mailing list!

pls sign me up,thx~

count me in!!!!

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