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How it works

Clothes are contributed by every joining member of Closet Infinite. You then get to rent these clothes for free!

Services are available in Singapore only. Closet Infinite is in the midst of planning International services. Follow us on twitter or join our maling list. We will let you know when International services are available.

How to join as member? Very simple!
Donate any fashion item you own, to join as a member of  Closet Infinite.
Each item of clothing donated entitles you to 6months of membership. This is to ensure a constant flow of clothes when the older ones depreciate.
Members gain free access to the entire library of clothes donated by other members.

Then the dress-up games starts..
1. Select the clothes you wish to rent from Closet Infinite’s library of clothes
2. Pay SGD6.50 handling fee (per item), this includes packaging, postage,  cleaning  fees of clothes and labour costs + Deposit of SGD30 (will be returned when you send back the clothes).  If you prefer registered mail, it will cost SGD2.50 more.
3.The clothes will be sent to you within 3 days via post
4. Enjoy your clothes for up to 5 days
5. Return the clothes in the packaging provided and send it back to us

So join now!

7 Responses to "How it works"

Love the concept! How many items can be rented in parallel? Perhaps you can only rent a single item if you donate one and rent multiple items at the same time up to the number of total items donated in the past 6 months.

A recession is no excuse to dress without style!

Love the concept! Will clothes be sent to Australia?

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I have a blog called Perpetua where I sell used and non used female apparels. I love your idea and perhaps I would try something like that here Brazil.Perpetua is carioca, it means we are in Rio de Janeiro. Good luk.

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Hi… I love this concept too!
So special and this is works!
Please let me know if you need me in North Malaysia..:P

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